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The Broadway Musicals of 1925         Bayview RNBW 024

The Broadway Musicals of 1926         Bayview RNBW 031

The Broadway Musicals of 1933         Bayview RNBW 017

The Broadway Musicals of 1939         Bayview RNBW 025

The Broadway Musicals of 1940         Bayview RNBW 019

The Broadway Musicals of 1943         Bayview RNBW 015

The Broadway Musicals of 1951         Bayview RNBW 021

The Broadway Musicals of 1953         Bayview RNBW 026

The Broadway Musicals of 1960         Bayview RNBW 027

The Broadway Musicals of 1964         Bayview RNBW 022

The Broadway Musicals Cut-Outs       Bayview RNBW 030

Ace of Clubs                                    Bayview CS002

Gay's The Word                               Bayview CS001

La Strada (Songs from…)                  Bayview RNBW 028


Karen Akers: If We Only Have Love             DRG 91483

The Thing About Men                                  DRG 94772

Wonderful Town(2004B'wayCast Rec)           DRG 12999

Fynsworth Alley
Emily Skinner   FA 2102 SE
Guy Haines: His Way
FA 2109 SE
Jason Graae: Live at the Cine Grill    
FA 2104 SE
Liz Callaway: The Beat Goes On       
FA 2106 SE
Liz Callaway: The Story Goes On      
302 062 019-2
The Stephen Sondheim Album          
 FA 2101 SE
The Trotter Trio: The Fantasticks in Jazz  
FA 2103 SE
Bells Are Ringing
302 062 115-2
302 062 114-2
Elegies for Angels, Punks & Raging Queens
302 062 113-2
Subways Are For Sleeping
FA 001-LE
I’m Getting My Act Together and Taking it On The Road   

  (Original Cast Recording) FA 2133
Do I Hear A Waltz?
302 062 126-2
Pete ’n’ Keely
302 062 122-2
FA 2134
A Broadway Valentine
302 062 121-2
Broadway Inspirations
302 062 128-2
Donna McKechnie: Inside the Music
302 062 124-2
Matt Zarley: Debut
302 062 127-2
Stephen Schwartz: Uncharted Territory
FA 2119 SE
The Grand Tour
FA 2139/A53955

LML Music

Home of recordings by Nancy LaMott and David Friedman

Beautiful Baby (Midder Music)                     MMCD 001
Come Rain Or Come Shine (Midder Music)   
MMCD 002
My Foolish Heart (Midder Music) 
                  MMCD 003
Listen To My Heart (Midder Music) 
              MMCD 005
What's Good About Goodbye (Midder Music) 

Live at Tavern on the Green (Midder Music)  MMCD 007
Listen To My Heart -The songs of David Friedman (Midder Music)
                                           MMCD 201

Middle Eight Music

Highly Recommended Australian Recordings!

Melissa Langton: When the Rain Falls Up      MEM 010
Phil Scott: Serious Cabaret                      
  MEM  007

Chelsea Plumley: Live and Luscious            CPP   CD01

The Republic of Myopia                              MEM  015

Bounce                                                       79830-2

Dreamgirls in Concert                                   79656-2
Into The Woods (2002 B’way Cast Recording) 79686-2

OC (Original Cast Records)

Time After Time / Dodsworth              OC 6128

Foxy                                                 OC 6026
The Spitfire Grill                Triangle Road   2836

Thrill Me                                            OC 7391


Captain Louie                                     PS-530

Nine (2003 B'way Cast Recording)        PS-312

My Life With Albertine                          PS 313

Deborah Tranelli: A Lot of Livin'            PS 424

Jack Donahue: Strange Weather           PS 418

Jessica Molaskey: Make Believe            PS 422

Luba Mason: Collage                            PS 423

Rebecca Luker: Leaving Home              PS 415

A Year With Frog and Toad                   PS 416

Assassins                                           PS 421

Fiddler on the Roof                              PS 420

Fine and Dandy                                   PS 9419

Decca Broadway

Wicked                 Decca              B0001682-02

Song of Norway     Decca              B0002471-02

Ankles Away         Decca              B0002673-02

Lorelei                  Decca              B0001407-02

Ethel Merman: Merman Sings Merman/Ethel's Ridin' High                                 Decca              475 6150

The Little Prince (soundtrack) Decca B0002997-02


Avenue Q                    Victor                55923-2

Urinetown                    RCA Victor         63821-2
Bat Boy                       RCA Victor        63800-2
tick, tick…BOOM!          RCA Victor        63862-2

Hair (Orig B'way/Off B'way Cast) RCA-Deluxe  56085-2

How to Succeed in Busniess Without Really Trying

RCA-Deluxe 56051-2


The Last Five Years                 Sh-K-Boom         4001-2
Adam Pascal:Model Prisoner    Sh-K-Boom         1000-2
Alice Ripley: Everything’s Fine Sh-K-Boom         3000-2
Sherie Rene Scott: Men I’ve Had   Sh-K-Boom    2000-2

Bare                                      Sh-k-boom         Promo

Jay Records

Kooky Tunes            Jay           CD 1367

Lucky Stiff                Jay           CD 1379

Other recordings of interest

Johnny Guitar        DMCD 0401

Golf: The Musical   Golf 000

Caroline, or Change Hollywood Records62436-2

Anything Goes      Prism    PLATCD 938

Finian's Rainbow   Prism    PLATCD974

Girl Crazy            Prism    PLATCD973

Pal Joey               Prism   PLATCD975

The Wizard of Oz(soundtrack) Prism PLATCD998

Chicago (Soundtrack)      Epic/Sony 5105322000

Over the Rainbow and Over the Moon to a Better Place Than Brooklyn

Brooklyn – the Musical, Razor & Tie 82930-2

The New Moon, Ghostlight Records 4403-2

Finian's Rainbow, Ghostlight Records 4402-2

Three cast recordings have just come in the mail. THE NEW MOON, FINIAN'S RAINBOW and BROOKLYN the Musical

The fact that a show title needs a descriptor is troubling to me. If BROOKLYN needs to be defined maybe it isn't ready to be called what it wants to be. After all mention THE NEW MOON, FINIAN'S RAINBOW and anyone who's interested will already know that they are musicals. Imagine introducing Pete Sampras the Tennis Player, Tiger Woods the Golfer. The name alone conjures up an image of the personality or the product. So why can't BROOKLYN simply be BROOKLYN?

Could it be that it doesn't really know what it wants to be? So many shows call themselves musicals, but are they really? Just stringing a group of songs together with some sort of “storyline” does not constitute a musical. The problem today is that musical genres and styles are constantly homogenised and pasteurised to suit the music marketing industry.

I have never been a big fan of pop music “Broadway” scores. Hair, Rent and J.C.Superstar have never real fulfilled my need for a good “showtune”. I love The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Billy Joel and the amazing folk/rock writers of the 60's, 70's and 80's but they're not songs for the musical theatre stage. Put them in a Broadway theatre. Sing them whatever way you like, be it acoustic or amplified. Write a story to go with the songs, but please, don't call them musicals . Contemporary musical theatre composers like Ricky Ian Gordon, Jason Robert Brown, Adam Guettel and Michael John LaChiusa have been inspired by people like Joni Mitchel and Billy Joel, but when they write, they write for “Broadway”, or the concert hall, opera stage, cabaret room, recital hall or pop arena.

Why must everything be the same to be popular? Shopping malls, pop music and bulging underwear billboards are taking over the world. Go to any major city in the world and they look, sound and smell the same. Boring. The sound of “musicals” is being squeezed out of existence by this need for global uniformity in what we watch and listen to.

How has BROOKLYN managed to raise the funds to be produced on Broadway and Stephen Sondheim's latest ( Bounce) barely rates a cast recording? The producers of BROOKLYN must see some commercial potential in it, or are they really willing to just throw their money away?

I have not seen BROOKLYN. So it is unfair to pass judgement on the production. I have read critic and audience reviews and met several people who have seen it. The general consensus seems to be “why?”.

So here I am listening to the cast recording. I should note that this recording was done in a recording studio with a live studio audience. This must be a first in cast recording and marketing history. Shows have been recorded during performance, but not with a ”studio” audience. The need to include audience applause and cheers on the recording highlights insecurity on the part of the creators and producers to let the recording stand on its own merits.

The recording label Razor and Tie is to be commended for picking up the title for release. I love to add new cast recordings to my collection, and share them with my radio listening audience. Unfortunately BROOKLYN does not stack up well against the pack. However, it is in good company with a list as long as your arm of shows and recordings that never ranked in the annals of musical theatre history. Its pop music style immediately makes it sound generic and transient. The lyrics are neither poetic nor funny or meaningful. There is a bundle of talent on stage in this show: Kevin Anderson, Cleavant Derricks, Eden Espinosa, Ramona Keller and Karen Olivo. It's a shame they don't get to do something better constructed.

Ghostlight Records is a new subsidiary of Sh-k-boom Records, created by Kurt Deutsch. Sh-k-boom has been created to ensure the recording of new works and the new “sound” of Broadway. Supporting a list of new Broadway performers by producing their solo albums and releasing the cast recordings of “The Last Five Years” by Jason Robert Brown, “Debbie Does Dallas” by Andrew Sherman, Michel LeGrand's “”Amour” and “Bare” by Damon Intrabartolo & Jon Hartmere Jr . Kurt is taking proactive steps towards building new audiences for “Broadway” musicals in the 21 st century. Establishing Ghostlight Records creates a bridge joining the old with the new. Two new releases have launched this new label: City Center Encores! â Sigmund Romberg's THE NEW MOON and The Irish Repertory Theatre's production of FINIAN'S RAINBOW. Unlike BROOKLYN I shall be playing these more frequently over the coming months. Both recordings are absolutely delightful.

While THE NEW MOON is still very much in the operetta style that Romberg helped to establish in America at the turn of the (20 th ) century, this new recording brings bright new voices to songs that became standards when they were first heard: “Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise”, Stouthearted Men”, “One Kiss”, “Wanting You” and “Lover, Come Back to Me”. The cast includes: Rodney Gilfry, Christiane Noll, Lauren Ward, Burke Moses, Peter Benson, Simon Jones, Danny Rutigliano, Ailx Korey, Brandon Jovanovich, Mary Ann Lamb and Alex Sanchez.

“Operetta” – Here is another interesting genre. Not quite opera, not quite “Broadway”. THE NEW MOON was a collaboration of Sigmund Romberg and Oscar Hammerstein II. At the same time that Hammerstein was collaborating with Romberg he was about to make musical theatre history writing the book and lyrics to Jerome Kern's music for Showboat . Transition and transformation in musical theatre is what makes it exciting.


FINIAN'S RAINBOW has one of the best Broadway scores ever written, including “How Are Things in Glocca Morra?”, “Look To the Rainbow”, “Old Devil Moon”, “If This Isn't Love”, “That Great Come-and-Get-It Day”, “When I'm Not Near The Girl I Love”. Unfortunately the script has not worn well over time. Even with a re-write by the late Peter Stone, a Broadway bound production of a few years ago never made it to New York. Charlotte Moore adapted the script in 2003 for a benefit concert. It is this adaptation that is used by The Irish Repertory Theatre in this off-Broadway concert style production. Performed with two pianos rather than full orchestration the stellar cast for this chamber production: Mark Aldrich, Melissa Errico, Jonathan Freeman, Malcolm Gets, Jonathan Hadley, Eric Jackson, Jayne Ackley Lynch, Kerry O'Malley, Kimberly Dawn Neumann, John Sloman, David Staller, Joacquin Stevens, Max V
on Essen and Terri White give a bright and delightful sound to this Broadway favorite. With a test run and a recording now available, City Center Encores! â should seriously consider this production for a future season. With the luck of the Irish it could finally develop into a Broadway run.

“See you at the theatre!”

©Henry Sachwald December 2004

‘Elaine Stritch At Liberty’ -
DRG 12994 (2 CD SET)
A must for your Original Cast Recording collection. This show is Broadway history at its best.  Elaine Stritch tells all in this one woman tour de force. To describe the recording would destroy the pleasure of listening to this show, especially if you don’t get a chance to see it. To savor the event, don’t listen to this 2 CD recording in one sitting. I didn’t want the show to end.  You will laugh and you will cry. You will know what it is to love SHOW business and have a lifetime career in the theatre and survive. If you can’t get a copy of this recording locally, order it on the Internet.