Musical theatre is an expensive, high-risk venture. It can also be economical with minimal risk of financial loss. We all like a grand show, but how many members of the general public can afford to buy tickets to a grand event every week? Musical theatre can provide a weekly fix of intimacy, friendship and compassion to audiences through words and music alone. Musicals don’t need fancy sets and costumes to make them enjoyable. What they do need is to be seen and heard in a darkened room filled with people sensing that they are about to share an exciting journey together for the next 60...90...120 minutes.

Australian musical theatre can not afford to rely solely on the courage (and sometimes folly) of the high risk-taking producers or the generosity of one-off grants. It is time that an independent organisation existed to carry on the work of building and maintaining the infrastructure of the Australian musical theatre industry. MUSICALS AUSTRALIA is that organisation.

The political wrangling taking place in the City of Stonnington (Melbourne, Australia) over the running of Chapel Off Chapel is case in point. Nancy Cato, long time business and artistic manager of Chapel Off Chapel has been stood down pending a restructure of administration. Nancy took Chapel Off Chapel from obscurity to the forefront of Australian musical, cabaret and dramatic theatre activity. Combining her passion for theatre with a common-sense business approach Ms Cato has achieved the impossible in theatre: large audiences and low ticket prices. Exposure is the ultimate achievement in theatre today, not profit. Performing artists need some place to practise their art on a regular basis. Nancy Cato provides that opportunity at Chapel Off Chapel. The sad news is that it may no longer be possible for Nancy to offer such opportunities as easily if the City of Stonnigton’s plans to restructure the administration of Chapel Off Chapel are approved. The sound foundation for musical theatre excellence that Nancy Cato has established could all be for naught.

This makes the work of MUSICALS AUSTRALIA timely. MUSICALS AUSTRALIA operates as an independent non-profit organisation. MUSICALS AUSTRALIA is accountable to its audience, not local councils.

MUSICALS AUSTRALIA is seeking financial support from the private sector (businesses, corporations, philanthropists and the general public) to underwrite musical theatre projects that will increase familiarity and awareness of musical theatre repertoire and performers for the general public. MUSICALS AUSTRALIA showcases the talent of Australian musical theatre actors, singers, composers, writers, small production companies and collaborations with overseas artists. MUSICALS AUSTRALIA is the means to getting, ‘On with the show!’.

You can make it happen. Support MUSICALS AUSTRALIA today.

Businesses, corporations and philanthropists can contact me at info@musicalsaustralia.com

General public support through membership can be made by closing this window and clicking on the Stage Door button in the main navigation.

‘See you at the theatre’
Henry Sachwald

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