Welcome to Musicals Australia. I hope you enjoy this exciting new website and will visit it often. Musicals Australia is more than just a website. It is the home of Australian Musical Theatre. It is an organisation established to tell Australia and the world about the first class musical theatre performers and performances that take place in this fabulous country.

Australia has a history of sending some of the best performers in the world onto the international arena. Cyril Ritchard, Keith Michell, June Bronhill, Barry Humphries, Toni Collette, Philip Quast, John Diedrich, David Campbell and Hugh Jackman are just some of the names that many of you will be familiar with.

Musicals Australia would like to invite you to come to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth to experience the talent of the many Australian performers you don’t know about. The ‘Who’s Who’ page of this website lists many of these performers. (Keep watching the many pages of the Musicals Australia website as more and more detailed information appears.)

In addition to our world class performers, our productions large and small rank amongst the best in the world. Australian productions tour the Australasian region of the globe and are conceived, written, designed and directed by the best in the business: Gale Edwards, Michael Blakemore, David Atkins, Simon Philips, Roger Hodgman and Roger Kirk.

Use Musicals Australia as your point of reference when you want to know: What’s New in Musical Theatre: On Stage, CD and DVD. When in Melbourne listen to Henry Sachwald’s
Theatretrack every Thursday night from 10:00pm–midnight to hear selections from Cast Recording new releases on 3MBS-FM 103.5 or via the Internet at www.3mbs.org.au

‘Wanna sing a show tune’, ‘There’s just no tune as exciting, as show tune…’ are the opening lyrics to songs by Ray Jessel and Jerry Herman respectively. Show tunes are warm and fuzzy. They have heart. They have soul. A good show tune is not self-indulgent. It is poetic. A good show tune lets you use your imagination rather than spell it all out for you. Some show tunes can stand alone, others need a context in which to make sense. Either way show tunes come from musicals. Musicals are stage presentations intended for performance in front of a live audience. Some musicals are better than others. Don’t be afraid to try. Be there. Share the experience with those around you. Take a friend. Go see a musical.

‘See you at the theatre’
Henry Sachwald

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